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Utah's Premier Contract Packaging Partner:

cGMP, FDA Registered, Insanely Agile.

Headquartered in Utah, USA - Kimac Industries is a contract manufacturing and packaging company that is uniquely equipped to not only help brands and businesses bring new products to market - but to scale them exponentially:


When it comes to delivering custom tailored, reliable, and rapid execution, Kimac Industries' responsiveness and unmatched agility have solidified our position as a premier production partner. This is true not only for our own clientele - but for other manufacturers and production companies which we serve across the Western United States.

With an exceptionally skilled team and nearly two decades in business - we know exactly what is required in order to perform as a rapid, reliable, and scalable aspect of your supply chain. 

Partnering with Kimac Industries will enrich your customer's experience, maximize your company's resources, and eliminate inefficiencies. Let's build together.



small volume liquid and oil products

From beard oil and essential oils to beauty serums and fragrances, Kimac has been performing liquid fills for industry leaders for over a decade and will gladly meet your production needs in any viscosity.

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powdered stick pack products

Stick packs are a unique way to package supplements, energy, or nutritionals. A very convenient form factor to throw into your purse or backpack - simply tear the top off and pour. Great for samples and mixes!

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nutritional bottling and filling

Kimac offers bottling solutions for any type of nutritional product or supplement: tablets, pills, powders, liquids, and everything in-between. Call us today to find the perfect solution.

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powder/granular products

From protein powder to pre-workouts, sugars, sweeteners, bulk dry blends and everything in-between, Kimac has you covered for powder/granular production and packaging in our cGMP facilities.

looking for more?

we have it.

For a full list of Kimac Industries' packaging and production services, click the button below. 

With over 15 years of experience in the packaging industry, Kimac is simply capable of certain things other companies can not compete with. For unavoidably manual work such as hand-cartoning, kitting, overstickering, product re-work, and other unique industry demands - Kimac is second-to-none.

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Scale with Confidence.

You focus on the business.
Kimac does the rest.

State of the art equipment, innate attention to detail, and a dedicated team focused on the product experience you desire to provide your customer are just a part of what makes Kimac Industries unique:
We exist to resolve your pain points, help grow your business, and ultimately to scale with you in production and fulfillment as your business grows.


"Quality is free. It's not a gift, but it's free. The 'un-quality' things are what cost money."  

- Phil Crosby

Kimac Industries prides itself on efficient work, and exacting quality standards. With Kimac, you can rest entirely assured that each process involved in bringing your product to life is performed with exactness and care. 


We understand that a quality product experience results in a positive consumer experience - and Kimac Industries is dedicated to helping your business achieve both. With rapid turn-around times and high quality service, Kimac Industries can help your business realize reduced costs and increased profitability.

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