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Kimac's packaging and manufacturing services

small volume liquid and oil products

From beard oil to essential oils and beauty serums, Kimac has been performing liquid fills for industry leaders for over a decade, and will gladly meet your product needs in any viscosity.


kit assembly and packaging

the components of a custom distribution package are often produced by many different suppliers, and therefore require kit assembly. at Kimac, it all comes together.

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powdered stick pack products

Stick packs are a unique way to package supplements, energy, or nutritionals. A very convenient form factor to throw in your purse or backpack, simply tear the top off and pour. Great for samples and mixes!


product reworking services

Whether you need to re-label a product for a different market, or correct a previous production error, Kimac specializes in rapid reworking of any & all products.

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nutritional bottling and filling

Kimac offers bottling solutions for any type of nutritional product or supplement: tablets, pills, powders, liquids, and everything in-between. Call us today to find the perfect solution.


steam & shrink label

with industry leading equipment and rapid turnaround times, Kimac is uniquely equipped to professionally apply shrink sleeve labels to your products - of any shape or contour. enjoy clean, rapid results.

protein powder.jpg

powder/granular products

From protein powder to pre-workouts, sugars, sweeteners, and everything in-between, Kimac has you covered for powder/granular production and packaging in our cGMP facilities.

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general label

apply any label to any product efficiently and accurately. Kimac houses state-of-the-art label application equipment to apply gorgeous labelling to any size product, container, bottle, bag, or jar.

have a project? Kimac can help:

contact us today for a bid.

Kimac Industries is uniquely equipped to provide you with an immaculate finished product - whether you're a startup with little capital, or an enterprise business looking to fulfill global distribution needs.


Please do not hesitate to reach out for assistance in product development, component sourcing, packaging, or any other product related needs - our team of product experience engineers is ready to help you find the optimal solution.

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