Steam & Shrink Label Application

Unparalleled steam & shrink labeling services.

Second-to-none turnaround times.

Steam/Shrink Labeling has grown immensely in popularity over the last 5 years, and has seen consistent growth across nearly every industry. Why?


Steam/Shrink Labels offer a few unique advantages over traditional labelling methods: First, they enable the use of more 'real estate' for marketing and graphic design on your product, and second, they are uniquely able to conform and 'wrap' nearly any shape of bottle or container - such as a square bottle, or a rounded/hourglass design.

These distinct advantages make Steam/Shrink Labels a valuable tool in building value perception, and increasing a product's ability to catch the eye of consumers.

If you are working with a uniquely contoured bottle or container, or looking for an effective solution to decorate, label, and brand your product from base to cap - Kimac has a solution for you.




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